Founded in 1969 in Italy. Associate company around Europe.

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FITT is the market-leading company in the development of fluid delivery solutions including garden hose, tubing and piping. We provide innovative solutions for home, professional and industrial use that improve our customers lives, businesses and the environment.

For over 50 years, FITT has been designing, manufacturing and selling technologically advanced and uniquely designed hose, piping and tubing that ensures reliability, safety and high-performance for our customers and end-users.

Collaborating with FITT ensures the benefits from over 50 years of experience as a market-leading company in fluid delivery solutions.

We are a partner that understands the technological, industrial and commercial context in which solutions must fit, then design those solutions to uniquely meet the needs of our customers.

Our competitive advantage is based on providing the most advanced technological skills, Italian handicraft and a profound knowledge of the operating and commercial requirements of our customers.



FITT’s patented technology has actually been in the US market for over 20 years. From 2001 to 2017 FITT licensed the innovative and patented technology No Torsion System (NTS) to a leading US Company active in the field of garden hoses allowing this manufacturer to achieve market share leading status.


In 2017 FITT launched the most extensive project in their 50-year history to become the brand leader in hose technology in the US market. We started with an extensive, year-long market research project to understand the market and the end-user requirements.

Our market research focused on understanding the gardening habits and hoses applications by conducting in-home consumer interviews, focus groups and on-line surveys following the defined process:

This helped us to identify two main strategic advantages: lightweight and compact and lightweight and durable.

At FITT, we are grounded in our belief that great product design starts with knowing and understanding the consumer, their needs and desires then translating that knowledge into an innovative value proposition.

After our year-long extensive research was completed FITT Flow and FITT Force PRO were born.



FITT Flow is the complete 3-in-1 system that includes our technologically-advanced, award-winning, Italian-designed expandable hose, a modern, multi-function, ergonomic nozzle and a storage bag that features mold-resistant, easy drainage and stylish design.

FITT Force Pro


FITT Force PRO is the commercial grade hose manufactured with an innovative polymer formula designed for professional application. The ultralight, compact technology is equipped with impact and crush resistant couplings and the Hosecaddy™ for super-easy storage and portability.

Teknor Apex and Neverkink are registered trademarks of Teknor Apex Company

Infrastructure networks

FITT designs, produces and sells solutions – pipes, hoses and ducts – for the delivery of fluids for public construction and infrastructural works.

Building and housing

FITT designs, produces and sells solutions – pipes, hoses and ducts – for the delivery of fluids for private construction.

Industry and agriculture

FITT designs, produces and sells solutions for carrying fluids for professional and industrial applications.

With dedicated pipes and hoses for the extraction, compression, delivery and conveyance of fluids, liquids, gases, aeriform substances and granular solids – for numerous applications, Fitt solutions are designed and built to ensure maximum performance in terms of useful life, efficiency and system uptime, for machines and production lines.

Outdoor living

FITT designs, produces and sells solutions for irrigation and the conveyance of water and fluids for the needs of gardening and hobby enthusiasts.

FITT solutions are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum levels of performance in terms of useful life, easy of use, compactness and lightness, performance and looks.


FITT Marine is the solutions system devised for the nautical sector that offers solutions for managing all fluids in boats. Guaranteed by FITT and synonymous of performance, safety and reliability over time, the FITT Marine system allows to effectively manage the conduction of: waste water from sanitary facilities (grey water and black water) thanks to an anti-odour, flexible and resistant hoses range; bilge water; kitchen fluids (gases, hot and cold water); air in ventilation systems. FITT Marine is integrated by solutions for the boat cleaning, sound-absorbing panels, connected systems, as well as a complete range of hoses and fittings to complement.

Swimming pool and spas

Thanks to a well-established competence, continuous investments in Research and Development and a great flexibility in production, FITT develops and manufactures special products for the pool sector. The patented hoses were created in order to satisfy specific market needs and to solve real application problems, making installations easier and ensuring the long duration of the plant. Furthermore, the range includes also standard hoses for power, recycling and cleaning of swimming pools in compliance with the regulations of this business sector.

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