Commercial grade hose for the toughest, professional job!

Proprietary technology that is setting a new standard for today’s commercial grade hoses with unprecedented durability.

The hose

Innovative design and construction


  1. High tenacity fiber reinforcement layer to withstand pressure > 500 psi
    Double NTS chain mesh technology eliminates flow restriction due to kinks and tangles
  2. High Durable Technology (HD TECH) cover is abrasion resistant and puncture proof


Layers made with SANTOPRENE™ TPVs from Exxon Mobil

  1. Ultra soft inner core layer for superior manageability and high flexibility, especially in extremely cold temperatures (-4°F)
  2. No PVC, phthalates or lead – “drinking water safe!”

The couplings

Impact and crush resistant couplings

  1. Commercial Grade, corrosion resistant aluminum couplings – “drinking water safe”
  2. Strain relief collar – Italian designed and engineered collar assembly
  3. Proprietary replaceable, 3/4″ Knurled compression-fit coupling system

The hosecaddy

Storage with style

  1. Lightweight, ultra strong polyester material
  2. Portable for easy moving
  3. Convenient handle for easy storage

The packaging

In-store process

Touch and feel

experience of the aluminum couplings

Touch and feel

experience of the high quality material

Grab and go solution

easy tote from the shop

SANTOPRENE™ and Exxon Mobil are registered trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation

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