The hose

The science of award-winning technology.
The style of Italian design.

  1. 3x Lighter than regular hoses
  2. Anti-kink TPE material is flexible and supple to avoid tangles
  3. Premium quality anodized aluminum coupling with anti-kink collars
  4. Polyester braided yarn for improved burst strength
  5. Outer layers made with thermoplastic elastomer to provide elasticity to the hose
  6. Slider inside the inner thermoplastic elastomer layer
  7. Distinctive red cover layer provides personality, resistance to aging and resistance to abrasion
  8. Polyester knitted yarn allows the hose to extend under water pressure while adding strength

The nozzle

Control the flow with the high quality, multi-functional, lightweight, composite nozzle with leak-proof connection.

  1. Easy flow thumb control allows consumers to adjust the water power within spray settings. The thumb control is coated with soft rubber for superior grip when wet.
  2. Comfortable and ergonomically designed grip handle featuring non-slip soft rubber coating for wet hands.
  3. Leak proof, erosion resistant metal threaded couplings for superior hose attachment.
  4. Shower, mist, flat, and jet nozzle setting to suit any outdoor need.
  5. Bold Italian style inspiring passion.

The storage bag

Storage with style.

  1. Lightweight and easy to store  and transport.
  2. Large enough to easily store the hose and accessories.
  3. Side and bottom mesh vents to allow water drainage and quick product drying.
  4. Made of durable, natural materials that are water and mold-resistant.
  5. High quality Italian design allows the storage bag to be kept in outdoor living spaces and blend with current décor.

Good design award


FITT FLOW has been awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, the oldest and most prestigious design prize in the “household products” category. Established in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN gives recognition to the best industrial, product and graphic designs from all over the world.

The 69th edition, which gave to FITT Flow its recognition, saw a participation of over 900 products from 47 different countries.  The jury panel, made of experts of the sector, designers and professionals, selected the best solutions based on design, look, innovation, materials and functionality.

The innovative thermoplastic material used for the hose, the extreme simplicity and ease of use, together with the fully Made in Italy design, have enabled FITT Flow to reach the highest step in the podium.

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