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Leading the industry for 50 years, we develop innovative water and fluid management solutions using advanced technology and stylish design. Made in Italy, our products guarantee reliability, safety, performance and environmental sustainability.
is not your Grandfather’s green hose.


FITT is leading international company and pioneer in the development of fluid transport solutions for domestic, professional and industrial use.

Our mission is to create a new generation of customer of customer-driven technology.

We design, produce and supply hoses and system for transporting liquid, gaseous and solid substances.

Our focus is to create cutting-edge products with advanced technology and innovative design to exceed customer expectations with product reliability, safety and ease of use.

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FITT Force Pro

Commercial grade hose for the toughest, professional job!

Proprietary technology that is setting a new standard for today’s commercial grade hoses with unprecedented durability.

FITT Flow is not your Grandfather’s green hose.
It is something refreshingly new.

An innovative, award-winning and stylish product designed specifically for those that love their outdoor spaces. People’s outdoor space is their personal oasis. It’s a mind, body and soul experience where they can rest, rejuvenate, entertain and create memories. So, we’ve set out to create the first (and hopefully only) hose that you will ever really and truly love!

A 3-in-1 system.

This unique product is sold as a complete 3-in-1 system that includes our innovative, award-winning, Italian-designed expandable hose, a modern multi-function, ergonomic nozzle and a storage bag that  features easy drainage and stylish storage.


1. Hose


2. Nozzle


3. Storage Bag

FITT facts and figures

FITT is the largest in the category across Europe, with 50 years of innovation in fluid transport solutions for domestic, professional and industrial use.

FITT established its leadership position servicing the major retail B2B players across Europe primarily with private label portfolios of products and gaining a foothold in the US, Australia and Japan thanks to technological and commercial partnerships. in 2015 the enterprise embarked on a consumer centric business model, developing brand recognition and focusing on a new generation of unique and innovative products such as YOYO.

FITT is the innovator behind the NEVERKINK BRAND.

In 2001 FITT entered a partnership with TEKNOR APEX, licensing the innovative patented technology NTS (No Torsion System). They launched a product platform under the NEVERKINK registered brand, reaching a leading position in the US market with more than 30% market share. With FITT patented technology, the NEVERKINK brand has become the #1 branded garden hose in the US with more than 330 m feet produced a year.

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